God Takes Care of Me

Heavy on my heart right now, is a fresh realization of the goodness of God. God is so, so, so, kind to me. I just moved to a new city and I was extremely reluctant to come here. I was worried about so many things and I had a big problem trusting that I would be fine here. Even though I felt like it was where God was asking me to be right now.

But then I came here, and the oddest thing happened. It felt right. It was honestly the oddest thing because usually, when I move to a new place, everything within me resists the change, but this time around, driving down here (even though it was only my second time visiting) felt like coming home. And since I’ve been here, everything has just…fallen into place. Fallen. Into. Place. Every last detail.

I was telling my best friend the other day that my life is sponsored by the grace of God, and it’s so true. I’ve never ever in my life, felt more like God was for me, than I have in these past few weeks. God is so incredible. He is so tender. He is so mighty.

I was thinking the other day about the parable of Jesus where He compared the kingdom of God to a field that had a treasure in it..and the man sold everything he had to get that field, because of the treasure in it. (Matthew 13).

Well I feel like I finally know what that feels like. I want to spend my life on Jesus. I can’t wait to meet God. I suppose this is what falling in love, really falling in love, looks like.

I found my treasure, I’m finding my treasure.

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